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​Don't over think it. I've spent the past 2 plus years developing top rated

 in-demand niches. I would suggest ​starting out with at least 5 niche market websites. That's going to give you a ​huge plus for SEO backlinking.

​Choose a Keyword Rich Subdomain

​Get access to a list of over 13,800 keyword rich domain names that are tied to each niche you choose. For instance, under the Black Friday niche you may choose​ blackfridays.christmas domain name and your subdomain can be​deals.blackfridays.christmas or yourbrand.blackfridays.christmas or yourname.blackfridays.christmas etc etc. No other online affiliate system gives you access to targeted keyword rich domains and that's a ​plus for SEO

​​​Curate and Import Your Content​
Using My Handpicked List of Wordpress Premium Plugins

​Import content with a few keywords from Youtube, Amazon, Walmart, Clickbank and other top content sources. Of course, you can write and import your own content too.

​​Start Marketing

​Connect your new ​niche marketing website to other affiliate sites for great SEO back linking. ​Plus add your site to webmaster tools, analytics, and all your social media networks.

​We Have Over 55 Niche Marketing Networks to Build Your Website From...

Go ahead and search... ​You will not find ​a better and ​easier way to build and market your ​affiliate websites. We provide ​ALL the software tools needed, ​backend admin​ training videos to build plus how to sell market, promote and engage your users. We will get you #workingSmart

​If you already have a website from ​Shopify, ​Wix, ​​Weebly or Wordpress.com, that's great. ​Our system will build ​engagement and drive traffic to your other platform websites. Content is king and video drives traffic and that's #earningSmart

We provide special incentives for

getting multiple niche websites.

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